You’re probably expecting the usual CYA of “go see a doctor before you do anything we mention on this site, even if it’s merely wiping your own rear” disclaimer. Yes, this is one of those. However, there’s a few darn good reasons for this!

  • First, get a physical. If you’re on this site, there’s a strong statistical probability that you haven’t gone to a doctor recently for a regular checkup. You may not want to have the doctor lecture you on losing weight… again! Understandable, but they’re just looking out for you. Now if you feel your doctor just sucks and you’ve had a lot of bad experiences with doctors, get another general practitioner – it’s as simple as that. Short of being in the Navy and deployed to a boat or without insurance, even on a bottom-tier of a HMO, you have in-network choices. Make use of those choices.
  • Pagans have a bad habit of disrespecting doctors. For the sake of this group, we define doctors as professionals that have spent years studying human biology to the point of being able to know our bodies better than us. Treat your doctor as you would a Pagan elder. Respect their advice, even if you disagree with some of their personal choices.
  • Everyone is different. Just like my Pagan path probably isn’t going to work for you, my achievements in weight loss and how I got there may not work for you. There’s a lot of stuff that varies in our bodies, not to mention medical conditions that could cause things to work differently in your body. Bloodwork (part of a physical) will generally turn up anything major you need to be aware of in this regard, and for minor things – you probably know your body best though don’t immediately discount the advice of the professionals in the white lab coats.
  • The dreaded D-Word… Diabetes. Yes, a lot of Pagans are diabetic, even many Big Name Pagans (BNPs). However, this is an easily controlled disease and a lot of what we do here will mesh with what your diabetic educator will tell you to do.

Not to mention that nowadays, most doctors can correspond with their patients via a web-based email-like interface, so even if you’re introverted, you have no excuse to avoid just asking. In fact, your doctor and/or dietitian may already have recommended much of what you’re going to see here.

And if we’re screwing up, let us know. We’re not doctors here :).


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