America wants you Fat!

15 02 2012

A common complaint about eating well is that it costs more. The New York Times has an excellent article highlighting why this is the case: That’s right, the US government is using your tax dollars to encourage you to stay fat. Overcome the resistance!


The Fat Trap

10 02 2012

The Psych Files Podcast has a great recap of a recent newspaper article called “The Fat Trap” and the psychological implications of it. Listen to it via:

Eating good, even if you’re poor!

6 02 2012

Cara Schulz has a good knack for what tastes good and recently she had an experience of helping a woman get a week’s worth of groceries for $20. Turns out that not only is this cheap, but it’s better for you than many of the low-cost prepared items one can find in a typical supermarket.

Here’s a link to one of the recipes she provided: – be sure to refer to the comments there for additional ideas.

Can you limit your sitting and sleeping to just 23 1/2 hours a day?

14 12 2011

Today’s post is just a video that shows that it takes just a minimum effort to be much more fit.

Growing your own food

15 11 2011

Some people get into the growing your own food thing but have only read all the fluffy happiness when things go well. If you want to see someone genuinely trying this and walking through when things go wrong and when they, very often, go right – check out Cat Capin-Bishop’s blog Quaker Pagan Reflections. She’s been blogging on this topic for a while and is an awesome read :).


27 10 2011

At work, I was recently introduced to Endomondo in the Android Marketplace. It’s claim to fame is being able to track people as they walk/run. In case you’re not familiar with these type of apps, you click a start button in the app, do your thing with your phone attached to your belt, or in your pocket or otherwise on your body, then when you’re done you click end and it draws your path out on a map and tells you how far you went. This is much more reliable than pedometers that can’t accurately account for differences in stride etc.

Funny thing is, with as much as I’m loving Fitocracy, I’ve found most of my co-workers are already on Endomondo. You can sign up at I like the auto-sync and the calorie calculations based on weight etc. Now if only it integrated with Fitocracy.

If you’re into Fitocracy, you can use Runkeepr which does integrate – but its route tracking is terrible. It just can’t seem to lock onto location signals nearly as well as Endomondo.

Endomondo and Fitocracy each have their benefits. I love Fitocracy’s level-ups, encouragement of doing small things like taking stairs instead of elevators and their points system. Endomondo does everything but the points system, and has more than enough extra functionality to make up for it. So I’m going to just learn their clunky interface and be there instead of Fitocracy, which it seems no one else in my social circles is using.

Reddit for Weight Loss

22 10 2011

There’s a reddit for weight loss – nifty: