Many say that Pagans are just a bunch of overweight feminists. Well, we have mostly overcome the negative aspects of feminist extremism – but that overweight part still applies. Time for us to do something about that! That’s why Pagans promoting Healthy Active Tendencies (abbreviated: PHAT) was created. We’re here to provide peer-advice among Pagans on what works and what doesn’t work for us. By having a network of peers, we hope to spread this to the entire Pagan community and eventually grow beyond our reputation of being a fat community.

The acronym PHAT (pronounced like the word “fat”) embodies the informational ideal of this group, where people go from being overweight to “pretty hot and tempting” as 90’s slang would put it. Pagan paths are largely paths of self-transformation and this group encourages positive self transformation.

This website is run by Dave, who has lost well over 100 lbs since embarking on his journey of weight loss. I wont post the exact stats on a public website, but you can find me on some fitness sites or track me down personally and just ask :).


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18 07 2012
A Tragedy Creates Potential for a National Pagan Discussion on Health

[…] to participate.” – Iris FiremoonIn a thread on Google+ I found out that Dave had started Pagans Promoting Healthy Active Tendencies (PHAT) It was sponsored by the Pagan Centered Podcast.Many say that Pagans are just a bunch of overweight […]

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