Nuts are your friend

21 12 2011

Looking for a tasty snack food that’s actually okay for you? Nuts.

I love cashews, macadamia etc. Don’t know what nuts you would like? Go to a large supermarket that has those containers that you can shovel out nuts and pay by the pound. Just take 2 or 3 and you’ll get a taste, that’s how I found out I like macadamia nuts. It’s cheap and effective!

But the downside to nuts is they tend to be heavily salted. I personally hate salt but I know I’m odd. Luckily a lot of companies that sell nuts now sell either low-salt or “flavored with natural sea salt” variations which I find much more palatable and my Doctor probably likes since it has much less sodium.

What I like about nuts is I can eat a lot of them, then feel full (not like eating a package of Oreos or something like that) and they taste good and are good for me. I got half a closet shelf full of all kinds of nuts so I leave them around the house along with bottles of water so when an urge to eat hits, I either get the healthy stuff in front of my face or I need to go get something unhealthy… thus taking advantage of my optimal use of energy (most people call it laziness).

Thanks to Kat Berkey on the Facebook Group for inspiring me to post about the awesomeness of nuts in one’s overall fitness plan.




2 responses

25 01 2012
amethyst june

The Bulk Section is great! I get nuts, grains, cereals, rice and coffee there. I’m lucky to have access to a local co-op that stocks a large bulk section with free trade and organic selections. It’s great to be able to buy just the amount of what I need.
Lately, one of my favorite healthy snacks are cashews sprinkled with a little curry powder. They’re really delicious! Raw almonds and pecans are salt-free taste treats too!

Also, substituting quinoa or tofu weekly for meat cuts down on calories, but definitely not filling flavorful meals.

29 01 2012

I prefer lightly salted cashews myself, but that has more to do with my aversion to salt. I just don’t like salt, and I realize I’m odd that way.

Tofu varies depending on how it is cooked. When cooked to absorb the flavor of meat, it’s awesome. When it’s just on it’s own, it’s hard to make it palatable.

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