Climbing over the Wall

11 11 2011

There’s a saying, “I’ve hit a wall.” This means that someone has successfully been losing weight but their tactics are now ineffective towards getting past a certain weight threshold. I’m currently in one of these ruts. But, by using a calorie counting app, I’ve discovered some deficiencies in my diet causing this wall.

Calorie Counting? Isn’t that a pain in the rear tedious task that is ultimately pointless? Well, only if you’re doing it by hand. I use an app for my Android phone called Noom Weight Loss. It will nag you to keep entering data for all meals. Thankfully it’s way easy. You can just type in what it is you ate like “TGI Fridays Wings” or “Bagel” and it’ll generate a color-coded pie chart for you. You see a progress bar of how many calories you have consumed vs. the max to meet your weight loss goal and a star rating depending on how well balanced your diet is. It’s green yellow and red. Obviously you want more green and yellow than red.

I began noticing my diet was a lot of red, and there were some minor modifications I can make to go into yellow and green. Yay jalapeno popper kolaches, it puts some green in my diet! I always thought those things were terrible, turns out it’s actually slightly better than a bagel with cream cheese at home.

The trick with this is DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Drink soda? Document it. Even if it’s just between meals. There is a mode for tracking water, though the program argues that the benefits of drinking water are indirect. Are there some inaccuracies? Well, yeah – it’s simple so there will be inaccuracies. But it’s a great tool for the job and is an awesome way of doing a diet analysis to see what needs changing. And if you browse through the program, you can find good substitutions without the assistance of a professional dietitian.

So remember to eat, just document what you eat. It’s well worth the 90 seconds of effort every meal.




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