Carbohydrates, RUN!!!

7 11 2011

So in a previous post, I discussed using the Wiccan ideal of balance when it comes to Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats in one’s diet. One thing I still find counter-intuitive is how an imbalance in these really screws things up. I’m not talking about balance as in equal amounts of all, just having too little/too much of anything.

If you have been trying to lose weight for a while and researching what to eat, you are probably fairly convinced we (the US) invaded Iraq because it contained carbohydrates. We’re fighting the war on carbohydrates because of what they’re doing to our youth! In fact, Bush might have even had a speech about an axis of carbohydrates and ESPN probably fired some guy for comparing Obama to carbohydrates.

Yep, we’re a bit nuts about carbohydrates being evil. Yet, cutting them completely out of my diet usually results in me being fatter, heavier and less healthy? Yay the effects of imbalance. So, again, don’t do stupid things if you’re trying to be healthy. Low-carb is a bad choice, as is high protein or even high fat. All 3 of these things are needed… just in different quantities.




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