Detox Guides, Many do it Wrong!

2 11 2011

There is a trend in our community to latch onto detox guides, especially with many Pagans being environmentalists. If there’s something talking about ZOMG, the pesticide runoff – chances are Pagans will cling to it. Never mind that with the cost of everything going up, farmers now have collection basins to collect this runoff to re-distribute unused fertilizer.

But we must be aware of the evils of tomatoes! The benefits of farm grown produce! The 100 mile diet!

Sure, these are all great things, as long as you’re not “doing it wrong“. Don’t not eat vegetables because of the evil tomatoes. Don’t avoid vegetables because they’re not organic and you don’t want to buy organic. Don’t avoid healthy food just because you don’t want to have something over 100 miles away. Don’t use detox guides as excuses (conscious or subconscious) to put less good food in your diets like so many do. Instead, keep that information in the back of your mind for when the choice arises, but still choose to have good food in your diet.




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