It’s not just weight

25 10 2011

When measuring something complex like fitness, there are many different things to be considered. These different things, in professional contexts, are referred to as metrics. Now, is the ONLY metric you’re using: weight? You may be doing it wrong. Here’s why.

Weight, especially over the long-term, can indicate trends in fitness. I wholeheartedly agree with this on the long-term. However, consider the following: In the past month I gained a bunch of weight, but lost a few inches off my waistline. LOLWUT? How’s that happen?

Simple, muscle weighs more than fat. I’ve been more active lately now that I have peer accountability encouraging me to do so, not to mention that I want to level up on Fitocracy because I’m competitive like that. This has let me shed a few inches off my waist, but it has caused a short-term increase in my weight as a result.

So wouldn’t that mean that in this bizarro reality that weighing more would mean you’re… healthier? Nope! See, this weight gain is a short-term thing. Now that I have more muscle, metabolism will kick up and I’ll more easily lose weight. So, long-term, I will lose weight (if I don’t fall off the wagon… again – and falling is becoming increasingly painful as I get less and less “natural padding” – lol).

So there’s your tip of the day, don’t obsess over weight. It’s a great thing to monitor and track, but there’s so many other things to monitor like blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and just your bodily input (what you’re eating and breathing) to be considering in the overall scheme of fitness. Focusing just on weight is foolish. Just look up skinny fat in the urban dictionary if you need further convincing.




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